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Mobile Snow Cones for Everyone!
Indie Game Developer Teams Up with Kids to Make Educational Mobile Game


DALLAS, TX – Independent game developer Chris Bryant launches “Snow Cone Tycoon” for iOS and Android!

Snow Cone Tycoon is a fun and educational game for all ages. Players start their journey with a block of ice, a few paper cones, and some flavored syrup. With each new day, players attempt to build their fan base by making the best snow cones on the block! But, earning the rank of Tycoon won’t be easy. With ever-changing (and sometimes disastrous) weather conditions, players must adjust their recipe, manage their resources, and strategize.

As a kid, Chris’s dream was to become a successfully game developer. It was the very thing that got him into programming over 25 years ago. In his free time, now a Senior Software Engineer for the automotive industry, Chris continues to pursue his dream.

In the midst of a saturated indie game market, Chris decided to take a more fulfilling approach to game development. “As a father of two, I wanted a project that could involve them as well.” Chris continues, “Working with my children to design games has been a great experience! Not only has it piqued my daughter’s interest in programming and game design, it has also helped me enjoy the game through the eyes of our target audience, kids!”

Snow Cone Tycoon is available now for FREE on iOS and Android:


Chris Bryant
Founded, Game Developer
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